sidebar-carDiabetes is a chronic condition, impacting people of all ages.

In Australia, the disease affects nearly 1 million people yet probably another million people have the condition or impaired glucose tolerance (pre-diabetes) but are unaware. Your body requires insulin to convert glucose into energy, an essential process during digestion. In people who suffer from diabetes, insulin is either not produced, or is produced in insufficient amounts. When a diabetic consumes products containing glucose, it stays in the bloodstream, instead of being fed to your body as energy.

ASM through Alice Diabetes Education (ADE) can assist you in managing your diabetes by developing an action plan for newly diagnosed diabetics, and providing ongoing support for those living with the condition.

Diabetes risk assessment for ages 40-49

Diabetes care options

Susie Leister

Susie Leister

Diabetes Educator

Susie Leister who has been ASM’s practice nurse for over 9 years has now achieved her qualifications as a Diabetic Educator. She will be credentialed mid 2016 meaning she will have her own Medicare provider number as an independent practitioner.

Alice Diabetes Education has been set up with that in mind but as a team with Dr Deb Mitchell we can provide the “whole package” to patients who have any type of diabetes, and truly believe we can offer the best care in Alice Springs.